Haryana Chief Minister Khattar expresses confidence in BJP’s victory in the upcoming elections

The governor of Haryana, Khattar, expresses confidence in the BJP's success in the upcoming elections


Manohar Lal Khattar, the chief minister of Haryana, took part in the Raahgiri program on Sunday in Rohtak and expressed confidence in the BJP’s victory in the upcoming elections for the Lok Sabha and five states, while dismissing a recent survey that predicted the party would lose in those elections. Harayan CM spoke to a crowd about a variety of subjects, including the upcoming elections in five states, the PM Modi article in the New York Post, and the “drug-free Haryana” campaign in Haryana.

Speaking on the upcoming elections in five states, Khattar said, “BJP is confident of victory in all the states where elections are being held, and that the party is also confident of victory in the Lok Sabha elections. Every election is important for the BJP, and that central ministers and MPs have contested elections in the past. Leaders from the center and the state contest elections to connect with the people,.”

The Hindu policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he continued, were criticized in a recent New York Post article. Everyone is aware of how Modi has improved the nation’s standing and honor around the world, according to Khattar. The world is aware of India’s reputation 15 years ago. On the subject of drug abuse in Haryana, Khattar stated, “We will not tolerate drugs. The state government has taken strict measures to stop drug trafficking and destroy the property of drug smugglers. Strict action is being taken by officials. Suppliers are being arrested, cases are being filed under the NDPS Act, and their illegal properties are being demolished.”

He added that the government is waging a campaign to raise awareness of the risks associated with drug addiction.