Haryana has bagged the second position in the LEADS 2021 index according to the latest Logistics Ease Across Different States (LEADS) report recently released by the Department of Commerce under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoC).

“Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab have emerged as the top performers in the LEADS 2021 index. Proactive policies, well-developed infrastructure and services driven by a responsive government have helped Gujarat to maintain its rank. Haryana has secured the second position, followed by Punjab. Among the North Eastern States and Himalayan Region, Jammu and Kashmir is the top-ranked, followed by Sikkim and Meghalaya. Delhi stands at the top rank among Other UTs,” the report read.

The Logistics, Warehousing and Retail Policy-2019 formulated by Haryana is among one of the most pivotal steps taken for improving the logistics ecosystem within the state. Haryana making a new entry in the top three rankings at the second position, certainly highlights the fact that stakeholders in Haryana have exhibited higher confidence in existing infrastructure and services compared to Punjab, hence the jump in ranking vis a vis earlier year.

The state has secured the highest score for several indicators, including quality of warehousing infrastructure, timeliness of cargo delivery during transportation, operating and regulatory environment, and efficiency of regulatory services. This improvement in ranking is reflected in the initiatives undertaken by the state. As per the LEADS report 2021, the improvement in the logistics sector in the state is also echoed in the anecdotal evidence such as “Haryana is taking good initiatives with key players bringing warehouse facilities along highways”.

The report also highlights that the state has the maximum number of Private Freight Terminal (PFTs) and stands third highest in terms of Inland Container Depot (ICDs).

The state provides capital and interest subsidy ranging from 5 per cent to 25 per cent for the setting up of warehousing infrastructure, logistics parks and Integrated/Multi-Modal Logistics Parks. To enable skilled manpower in logistics, the state reimburses 50 per cent of the training cost of workers to logistics and warehousing units.

The state has also simplified the regulatory regime through single desk clearance mechanism, self-certification, and assistance in land acquisition for setting up logistics infrastructure in the state.