Premier Handball League signs agreement with SAHF and Bluesport Entertainment Private Limited 

The inaugural Premier Handball League (PHL), already sanctioned by the Handball Association of India, the National Sports Federation for the sport of handball, affiliated with the International Handball Federation (IHF) and the Asian Handball Federation (AHF), is on the horizon.

The Asian Handball Federation has approved and signed the Grants of Rights Agreement between the South Asian Handball Federation and Bluesport Entertainment Private Limited for the commercialization of handball in South Asian countries, giving exclusivity in India in its capacity as the Confirming Party. This move is intended to further the future of the league and the sport in India.

According to the conditions of the agreement, Bluesport Entertainment will have the sole authority to advertise men’s handball for the following 20 years. In accordance with the agreement, members of the Asian Handball Federation will chair the Technical Committee and sit on the Premier Handball League Governing Council. Through player trades and league refereeing, assist the Premier Handball League even more. In accordance with the AHF rules, it will also draft bylaws and a code of conduct for participants.

For the South Asian Handball Federation, the agreement was signed by Anandeshwar Pandey, Secretary General of the South Asian Handball Federation, and on behalf of the Asian Handball Federation, Bader Mohammed Al-Theyab, Treasurer of the Asian Handball Federation and Vice-President of the International Handball Federation, represented Asia.

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