Had no idea Sushant was under depression: Mukesh Chhabra


Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise shocked everyone and now his last film Dil Bechara is getting a huge response on social media platforms. In an interview with The Daily Guardian, Dil Bechara’s director and Sushant’s close friend Mukesh Chhabra shares his emotional journey with the actor.

Q: Since how many years did you know Sushant Singh Rajput?

 A. I met him during Kai Po Che!’s shooting. I was the casting director of that movie. During that time, Sushant was a big name in the Indian television industry. Our friendship continued even after that film. Sushant was like a brother to me.

Q. When was the last time you met him?

A. Sushant called me on 27 May on my birthday. He called me and wished me. We talked for nearly 20 minutes. We also talked about our new film Dil Bechara in which he is the lead actor. We had also made a plan to meet after lockdown but unfortunately, we could not meet.

Q. Were you aware of Sushant’s depression?

A. I had no idea about his health nor did I know that he was under depression. Sushant was an introvert. He hardly discussed his personal life with anyone. Even during the shooting time, he talked about stars, the moon, and other planets. He always discussed films and books.

Q. Who informed you about Sushant’s suicide?

A. I got a call from our common friend who informed me about his suicide. After that many people called me. It was a shocking moment for me.

Q. Sushant did his last film ‘Dil Bechara’ with you and you didn’t share the film’s script with him. Why?

A. During the time of Kai Po Che!, Sushant promised to me that he will sign my first film. Dil Bechaara is my debut as a director. When I told Sushant about the film, I did not discuss the script with him, he just gave me the dates for shooting. Before resuming the shoot, I shared the script with him three days ago and he was super excited about the film

Q. Sushant was a foodie and did he make you a foodie?

A. Sushant was a foodie and he liked to travel during the shooting of Dil Bechara. In Paris, Sushant tried pasta from all restaurants. Sushant loved pasta. We used to roam in Paris even during nights. In Jamshedpur, we used to take a scooter and go to the streets during the nights.

Q: During Covid-19 theatres are closed. So, whose idea was to release this film on OTT?

A. It was a call from the production house because the entire film is an emotional journey for us and it’s Sushant’s last film. So, we decided to release it on OTT so that maximum people can watch the movie.