Gwalior Zoo administration special arrangements to protect birds, animals from cold

Gandhi Zoo

Ahead of the winter season grass curtains, heaters and bulbs are being used to protect birds, animals, and reptiles from the chilly cold. These special arrangements have been made by the zoo administration in Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior.

Due to the changing weather conditions in the region, the diet plans have been changed by the zoo management.

“As the winter season is next to the door, in the first stage of protecting the reptiles, we have put up 200-watt bulbs in the glass cage of snakes. We light those blubs in the evening from around 7 pm till morning. Similarly, grass curtains and canvas curtains are used in the bird cages,” Gaurav Parihar Gandhi Zoological Garden curator said.

“We use heaters in the enclosures of large animals such as lions, tigers, and leopards to keep the temperature warm. We also their diet, we feed roasted gram and peanuts to birds and animals as it contains oil and keeps them warm,” Parihar said.

Parihar further said, “Reptiles (snake, crocodile, alligator) are cold-blooded and they get more affected by the winter. They feel pleasant in the temperature range of 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. We put them in the glass cage and maintain the temperature in the required range. In case of cold increases, we light the bulb for 24 hours.”

However, in the zoo, there are around 550 animals, birds, and reptiles.