Guru speak: SADHGURU


Let me just say this in a way that it is clear—we live our lives in hypocrisy. So while I am writing here, arguing the feminist cause, I spent my Sunday tying a rakhi to my little bro for Rakshabandhan. Technically, a rakhi and the overall concept of Rakshabandhan is about protection, with nothing to do about gender. And yet, over time, patriarchy has worked tireless to attach gender to the idea of ‘Raksha’, despite scores of years of history telling us that women have protected kings and kingdoms too. Heard of Joan of Arc or Rani Laxmibai? We’ve finally reached a place where Rakshabandhan is something that defies gender, where sisters are tying rakhi to sisters, the gifting and the promise of raksha is mutual, and the rakhi design goes from a religious symbols to Pokémon and Avengers to words like ‘Gamer Bro’ and ‘Chill Bro’. And it’s all family fun for the ‘Gram. We’re changing the narrative on a custom that had become aggressively patriarchal and sexist over time. And then, enter people like Sadhguru.