Gujarat man paints car with G20-themed colours, drives to Delhi

A Gujarati man decorates his car with G20 colors and travels to Delhi


Maulik Jani, a resident of Gujarat, decorated his Jaguar with the colors of India’s G20 Presidency and expressed his gratitude to the people of India for hosting the summit. In anticipation of the upcoming G20 Summit, which will take place in Delhi on September 9 and 10, Maulik and his friend Siddarth drove their car from Ahmedabad in Gujarat to the national capital.

“We have come from Ahmedabad Gujarat for the G-20 summit that is happening in our country.  We have designed the entire vehicle on the theme of G20. We have named our journey as Tiranga Yatra. My friend Siddharth and I have travelled from Surat to Delhi four times. Right now both of us are coming directly from Gujarat, it took almost 24 hours. I would like to congratulate and wish the countrymen regarding the G-20″Maulik exclaimed.