Govind Singh will continue as Rajasthan Congress president


The speculations surrounding the change in the State Congress President in Rajasthan have finally been put to rest with recent developments. Harish Chowdhary, former Minister of the Rajasthan Government and in-charge of Punjab Congress, arrived in Jaipur after a meeting with Rahul Gandhi in Delhi. The political landscape heated up when Sachin Pilot visited Harish Chaudhary’s residence on Friday morning and engaged in a productive discussion that lasted for about one and a half hours.
The intense political discussions further intensified as Minister Pramod Jain Bhaya also paid a visit to Harish Chowdhary’s residence and had a meeting with him. Notably, Minister Ramlal Jat and Minister Parsadi Lal Meena joined the conversation after arriving at Harish Chaudhary’s residence on Saturday morning, adding to the speculation.
However, after a series of continuous meetings between Sachin Pilot, Ministers, and Harish Chowdhary, it has become clear that Govind Singh Dotasara will continue in his role as the state president. Earlier rumours suggested Sachin Pilot might assume the presidency, followed by speculation surrounding Harish Chowdhary’s potential appointment. Yet, Harish Chowdhary’s recent indication has dispelled those assumptions, solidifying Dotasara’s position. The Congress party aims to avoid any disruptions during the upcoming elections and believes that retaining the Jat leader’s leadership will contribute to their success.
Rajasthan Congress leaders are fully engaged in election preparations, with the party planning to contest the elections based on the successful implementation of various schemes by the Gehlot government.