Govats Dwadashi celebrations women observed fast

JAIPUR: On Monday, people celebrated Bachh Bars or Govats Dwadashi festival. This day is celebrated as Gopashtami, or Vasu Dwadashi on the twelfth day of the Bhadrapada Krishna Paksha and Kartika Krishna Paksha. It is primarily known as Govats Dwadashi in most parts of India. Many scriptures describe the detailed significance of cows in the form of deities and gods. Mukesh Shrimal, the former councillor of the Tilak branch, provided information about the festival. He explained that in the morning, devout women who have bathed and performed other purification rituals wear clean clothes. They bathe a cow, along with its calf, and perform a special worship ceremony, offering bread and rice to the mother cow. They also listen to the story of Govats Dwadashi.

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