Good habits will give you a better lifestyle: Milind Soman


On the occasion of World Earth Day, celebrated actor and fitness enthusiast Milind Soman was in Noida to participate in ACTIVE NOIDA initiative organised by DLF Mall of India and he shared his mantra on how to plan a better lifestyle.

Q. Please tell us about your journey from being a supermodel to a fitness icon?
A. You call me a supermodel I am happy. You can call me fitness icon again I am happy. This is a great compliment.

Q. What is the secret behind your fitness and what is your fitness mantra?
A. I have no restrictions when it comes to my diet. We all have good habits and bad habits but you have to minimize your bad habits and maximize your good habits. Try to have more good habits than bad habits and that will give you a better lifestyle. Exercise to me is more a mental challenge than physical challenge. The first question people ask is that how do you keep yourself motivated. Motivation is a mental thing. When you exercise your muscles will have more endurance and more strength and it actually helps to develop your mental strength.

Q. What motivated you to be a part of the marathon run on the occasion of World Earth Day?
A. People offer me money for lot of things. If I don’t like it I don’t do it because I don’t need to do things that I don’t like. If you ask me to promote gutka then I won’t do it. If you ask me to promote alcohol then I won’t do it. You can offer me as much money as you want because I don’t need it right now. If you show me something that is good then I will do it. This is a great initiative and I wish to support it. I think people will be happy if they take care of themselves and not just run after job and money and profession which is important but you also have to balance it by looking after yourself.

Q. Can we expect to see you in any bollywood film? What are your upcoming projects?
A. Emergency is the film in which I am acting currently. It is a small role. It is about the emergency period. Kangana Ranaut is playing the lead and she is doing as amazing role. I have just finished a film called Starfish with T Series. I did a film called One Friday Night which I think is releasing soon.