God’s hand in my success as an actor: Pankaj Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi has a divine hand in his success as a Bollywood actor. The actor remembers how, in his struggling days whenever casting offices would ask for a reference, he would just say: “Ishwar Ji (God)”.

“I never had any reference and I knew nobody. After a few disappointments, I realised no one cross-verifies references. It was an informal norm that people held on to, for longer than they should have. I decided to take Ishwar’s name and much to my surprise I started getting roles,” the actor said.

Pankaj still believes it was God who led him into the industry. “It was years before anyone could spot my bluff and by then I had already done a few memorable scenes. I still believe it’s God who led me to this industry. I am not even remotely from the film world. I had no reference and I knew nobody. But doors kept opening for me like the universe was conspiring to make things happen,” he added.

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