Girlfriend poisoned youth who died at Thiruvananthpuram Medical college, confesses

According to authorities, the girlfriend of a young man who passed away at the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital recently admitted to poisoning him because her marriage to another man was fixed.

Sharon Raj’s girlfriend, Greeshma, confessed that she had given him a poisoned Ayurvedic decoction and juice, said ADGP Ajith Kumar. She first gave him what she said was an Ayurvedic medicine and when he said it was bitter, she gave him some juice. After consuming it, Sharon started vomiting and and his friend took him back from her house.

On October 25, Sharon passed away after being admitted to Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. According to ADGP Ajith Kumar, Sharon’s vomit was a bluish green colour. Despite the doctor’s suspicions, the post-mortem investigation found no evidence of acid in the body. Police arrived at Kapiq after looking into the possibilities of pesticides.
Sharon’s family claimed shortly after his passing that Greeshma poisoned him there, and she was twice questioned by authorities. Her claims conflicted with one another.

Police questioned Greeshma and her parents in the morning today and she confessed that she had poisoned him. Greeshma’s marriage with another man was fixed and she wanted to avoid Sharon. She first tried to tell him some astrological stories that her first husband would die after marriage as per astrology. But when it did not work, she she decided to kill Sharon.
Police will arrest and record the statement of Greeshma.

B.Sc. student Sharon, who was from Muriyankara in Parassala, passed away on October 25. He had become ill after consuming a medication and mango juice at Greeshma’s house on October 14, which is where he also fell ill.

During the interview, Greeshma made some remarks that were incongruous and they proved to be essential. She then acknowledged adding copper sulphate, a substance her uncle used as a pesticide for farming, to the medication.

Notably, the results of the autopsy showed that Sharon’s body may have contained residues of copper sulphate. We’re eagerly awaiting the findings of the chemical analysis of the visceral samples.

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