Ghaziabad : Teen died, two injured as TV explodes

A 16-year-old boy was killed and two others were seriously injured in their Ghaziabad house when a television exploded on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the police, the injured were taken urgently to a hospital for treatment, but the teenage boy passed away as a result of his wounds.

The explosion took place in the LED television and it injured three people. One of them died while two others are still under treatment. The officials of the fire department also inspected the house soon after the incident,” said Swatantra Kumar Singh, circle officer (Sahibabad).

The officials of the fire department said there was no other inflammable item in the house that could have triggered the explosion.

The only piece of home equipment to burst was the LED television.

The impact caused cracks and damage across the entire room where the television was placed, according to head fire officer Sunil Kumar Singh.

The incident may have been caused by a voltage fluctuation, according to the officials.

The mother of the youngster was on the first floor of the house cleaning up when the incident happened, according to the residents, and both boys were watching a movie.

According to the authorities, the hit caused the deceased to suffer serious injuries.

“I was with my husband and daughter on the ground floor. Suddenly, there was a huge explosion. My husband ran to the first floor while telling me that my mother-in-law and brother-in-law were upstairs… The explosion left a huge impact, which damaged our house. The walls and the roof have suffered deep cracks as a result,” said Monica, sister-in-law of the deceased.

The neighbours were equally shocked and hurried out of their houses.

We live next door to their house and there was a huge explosion. Initially all of the neighbors thought that there was an explosion in the LPG cylinder. So, all of us turned off the regulators of the cylinders and rushed to their house. There was a thick cover of dust inside and Monica was crying. The three injured were rushed to a hospital,” said Vinita Devi, a neighbour.

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