Ghana footballer stranded at Mumbai airport for 54 days

A footballer from Ghana, who plays for a soccer club in India, has been stranded at Mumbai Airport for the last 54 days, since the imposition of lockdown by the government. The 23-yearold footballer, Juan Muller, has been staying at the departure area of Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport due to non-availability of flights. He spent the last 54 days reading magazines and newspapers, calling his family and friends, dining at some of the food outlets still operating within the airport, interacting with housekeeping and security staff, said an airport official. “I was going back home by Kenya Airways but unfortunately my flight got cancelled due to lockdown and I have been here for 54 days. Right now, all I can think of is about going back home. I buy food here and stay at the airport departure and take help from the people of Airport,” said Muller.

He is very happy with the assistance provided by the airport’s security officers, one of whom gave him the mobile to call his relatives and family members because his smartphone was damaged. Muller, who plays for Kerala in a football league, is a huge fan of Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr and wants to be like him one day. An airport source said that Muller was forced to stay there because all hotels were closed and no accommodation was available. “He is in a bad condition due to shortage of money and clothes. I contacted the airlines and some other employees at the airport for his accommodation. Unfortunately, hotels are closed and other accommodation is also shut near the airport due to lockdown. I have given a blanket and also arranged food for him,” he said. Muller came to India on 17 November 2017. He played football for the Olympic Remembering Private Club in Kerala. Earlier, a German national too was found stranded at the transit area of Delhi Airport for more than 55 days; he has now left for Amsterdam.

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