Germany warns China not to supply weapons to Russia

Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Thursday that Germany and its allies were negotiating with Kiev on future security guarantees in preparation for a lasting peace for Ukraine. “We are talking with Kiev and other partners on future security guarantees for Ukraine,” Scholz said in a speech to the German parliament.
“Such security guarantees, however, come with the assumption that Ukraine successfully defends itself in this war,” he said, adding that Germany would continue to support Kiev with arms supplies. Scholz’s speech came just a year after Moscow launched its invasion of
Ukraine, prompting the chancellor to announce a new era in German defence and foreign policy. Germany has increased investment in its military, opened up its economic ties with Russia, and broken its taboo on sending weapons to conflict zones.
Scholz renewed calls for Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine and said that President Vladimir Putin was unwilling to negotiate a “just peace” and end the war. “Nothing suggests” Putin will come to the negotiating table at this point, Scholz said.
Scholz used the speech to warn China against arming Russia in its war against Ukraine, following US claims that Beijing was considering such a move. Scholz said, “My message to Beijing is clear: use your influence in Moscow to press for the withdrawal of Russian troops. And don’t supply weapons to aggressor Russia.”
Under Scholz’s leadership, Germany has been one of the most moderate supporters of the government in Kiev, breaking a long-standing policy of not sending arms to conflict zones.
At the same time, the chancellor has come in for criticism at home and from some international partners for dragging her feet on some decisions, including supplying Ukraine with main
battle tanks.

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