Germany Slams Iran For Providing Drones To Russia

Germany Slammed Iranian for providing weapons to Russia that led to aided Moscow and continued the conflict causing more harm to Ukraine.

Antje Leendertse, Germany’s ambassador to the UN, told the United Nations Security Council, “Iranian combat drones have given Russia additional means to attack civilian infrastructure and terrorize Ukrainian civilians.” 

Leendertse requested the council to pay attention to  Kyiv’s pleas to investigate Tehran’s role in the conflict. However, Russia dismissed all the allegations and said, The forces have not used Iran’s drones. There is no need for the UN to send the investigators to Ukraine. Meanwhile, Iran admitted to sending the flying robots to Moscow, but it was delivered before the invasion.

In addition to this, UN Chief Guterres told the accusation that Iran had supplied drones to Russia was being looked at “in the broader picture of everything we are doing in the context of the war to determine if and when we should” send officials to investigate.

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