Gehlot expects to meet Sonia Gandhi today over Rajasthan crisis

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is slated to meet with Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Thursday, in an effort to defuse the crisis that was started in Rajasthan when lawmakers sympathetic to him challenged the appointment of his opponent Sachin Pilot to the position of governor. When it came to selecting Gehlot’s successor, the MPs wanted a say in the decision. They argued against Pilot’s promotion due to his 2020 uprising against the chief minister.

The meeting is anticipated as doubt over next month’s internal party election caused by the uprising in Rajasthan has led to the former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Digvijaya Singh, emerging as a potential candidate.

On Thursday, Singh was also anticipated to meet Gandhi. The previous front-runner for the position, Gehlot was planning to submit his name for the election on October 17.

It is supposedly expected of Gehlot to explain what happened and distance himself from his followers’ conduct. Additionally, it appears that he apologised to Gandhi.

Rajasthan, one of just two states where the Congress is in sole control, will hold elections in 14 months.

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