Funny Silicon Valley memes flooded Twitter as bank shut down

On Friday, Silicon Valley Bank was shut down. The news of the bank collapsing has left its investors in panic mode, however, social media is reacting otherwise. Notably the Bank has been shut down by the US regulators who have taken all assets into the custody. The investors of the bank has been fled which caused whole bank to crash.

Before trading was halted, the bank has dropped over 60% on Thursday. The bank is quite famous for lending money to big tech firms. Though the news isn’t funny from anywhere, social media users are responding with only memes.

One such user wrote, “The Silicon Valley Bank crisis explained,” along with a meme picture.

Another one penned down, “Silicon Valley Bank branches right now,” along with a 10 second clip.

A third one quipped, “How I sleep at night during the Silicon Valley Bank collapse because I’m already poor,” as the user shared a picture for reference. Another one joined in the conversation and wrote, ““The name of the stock, John, is Silicon Valley Bank. It lends money to semi-homeless software engineers who repay their loans with money they finesse from VCs.”

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