From Literature Fellowships to Story-Dispensing ATMs: The Latest in India’s Reading Revolution


The joy of reading is unparalleled. Books can transport us to new worlds and allow us to experience a range of emotions and perspectives. This is why it›s heartening to see initiatives that promote reading and literature. Let›s take a deep dive into some recent updates in the world of literature that made me stop and think!

NLF Announces Fellowships for Children›s Book Creators in India
The Neev Literature Festival (NLF) has recently launched a program aimed at providing fellowships for children’s book creators in India. The NLF believes that the fellowships will help produce high-quality children’s books that authentically reflect the lives and experiences of Indians.
The initiative is open to Indian citizens and residents of Indian origin who are invited to submit proposals for a book in any genre that has the power to connect with young readers universally.
The qualified fellows will be announced at the next NLF in October, and the grant will provide a sum of ₹6 lakh each for a year.
Story Box: A New Channel for Inculcating Reading Habits
Aparna Vishwanatham, a social entrepreneur from Hyderabad, has developed Story Box, an ATM-like machine that dispenses literature. With a touch screen and the press of a button, the machine prints out short stories, poems, facts, and puzzles.
The content ranges from easy to very high in difficulty and is curated according to the purchaser’s needs by the editorial team, who are responsible for remotely adding more content to the devices at a subscription price.
The team plans to create content in other Indian languages to reach more readers, and they envision Story Box as a substitute for traditional libraries for readers who might find reading books intimidating.

Why Salman
Rushdie Deserves the Nobel Prize for Literature
Salman Rushdie, the renowned novelist, has been the recipient of many accolades for his contributions to literature. Rushdie’s contributions to literature have been monumental, with the originality and significance of at least four of his novels beyond reproach.
Despite religious objections to one of his works, he has remained committed to his craft, and his work has been described as a hallmark of freedom of speech. He is also one of the very few authors who have mastered the art of magical realism! The attack on him in August 2022 has made it clear that freedom of speech must trump all odds, and Rushdie deserves the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Summing Up
Books and reading are a source of beauty and joy in our lives. Let us continue to support these initiatives that promote reading and literary expression, while also fighting against those who seek to silence writers and their works.