From Krishi Darshan to AI Anchors: DD Kisan's Journey in Uplifting Indian Agriculture

  In the era of AI, farmers will also benefit from advanced technological innovations. DD Kisan India’s agriculture-specific TV channel, has set a new benchmark with the launch of an AI-based broadcasting technology with India’s first Artificial Intelligence hosts AI Krish and AI Bhoomi has ushered in a new era of advanced technology in agricultural […]


In the era of AI, farmers will also benefit from advanced technological innovations. DD Kisan India’s agriculture-specific TV channel, has set a new benchmark with the launch of an AI-based broadcasting technology with India’s first Artificial Intelligence hosts AI Krish and AI Bhoomi has ushered in a new era of advanced technology in agricultural broadcasting, ensuring that no farmer is left behind in the pursuit of knowledge and progress. By combining cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of the needs of the farming community, this initiative has the potential to revolutionize the way agricultural information is disseminated. This advancement is poised to contribute significantly to increased productivity, improved decision-making, and the overall well-being of India’s vast agricultural workforce. These AI anchors are built to imitate human activities and help deliver a continuous and consistent stream of agricultural news, the latest research, market analytics, weather updates, and information regarding government initiatives across the country. Interestingly, ‘AI Krish’ and ‘AI Bhoomi’ are said to possess the feature to speak in 50 different languages to address the farmers from all over the country right from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh.

According to a DD Kisan spokesperson, “With the help of our AI anchors, we have brought rural and technology on the same platform and helped millions of farmers by updating them with real-time information in their local language for their beneficial decisions and productivity. ”Such a creative strategy shows the government’s dedication to putting the greatest technologies into practice to satisfy the ever-changing requirements of the agricultural community. “The proposed AI anchors are likely to revolutionize the way in which information in the field of agriculture reaches the farmers. For instance, farmers living in rural Uttar Pradesh get timely and accurate weather updates and suggestions concerning the seasons for planting and harvesting in their local language which will enhance farming. Similarly, farmers in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu will be able to get the actual price being offered in the markets with regard to their crops, in a way that the farmer can be able to sell the crops at the right time and at the right place and, more importantly, at the best price possible.

The AI anchors can play the role of empowering farmers by passing on timely and accurate information that may not be readily available to the farming community, and information passed in the local languages of the farmers to ensure better understanding and uptake of the information leads to improved yields and better living standards for farmers in the country.

As the exclusive channel for the farming populace, DD Kisan has played a crucial role in educating farmers and facilitating a complete uplift of the agriculture and rural domains, this channel has aimed to give relevant information on changes in weather conditions, global and local markets, and progressive methods of farming. The use of artificial intelligence, it has transformed the way farmers receive agricultural information; it means the information farmers need is now available to them at all times of the day and at all times of the year without closure or break. This is not only useful in efficiently sharing important information but also aligns with the government’s idea of utilizing AI in agriculture.

Inauguration and Launch:

DD Kisan is an agriculture-based television channel in India that was started on May 26, 2015, by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting under Prasar Bharati. This historic event was a big step forward for the government’s plan to address the needs and uplift the lives of farmers in the country and push for the overhauling of agriculture and rural development. Just like India is very rich in terms of languages, DD Kisan has adopted multilingualism by translating its content into several regional languages so that farmers can watch programs by DD Kisan from different parts of the country. These are Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and many more. DD Kisan has portrayed India in an all-inclusive way by employing regional languages which has helped in promoting the cultural values of the country.

Programs and Initiatives:

Embracing DD Kisan’s multilingual strategy has been important for an inclusive public broadcaster to recognize India’s linguistic diversity. Their programs such as “Krishi Darshan” in Hindi, “Oor Oor Paani” in Tamil, “Krishi Vikas” in Telugu, “Krishi Pragati” in Kannada, “Krishi Gouri” in Malayalam, “Krishi Khep” in Gujarati, “Krishi Abhyas” in Marathi, and “Krishi Vigyan” in Punjabi have aimed to educate and inform farmers in their respective native tongues. These programs encompass emerging technologies in agriculture, biosecurity, sustainable farming, crop production, marketing information, and anything in between. In these programs DD Kisan has been enlightening farmers, helping them make the right decisions and accordingly adopt good farming practices.DD Kisan has been significant in educating and involving the youth in farming activities and general agriculture information. Several programs have been launched to create awareness among youths regarding the farming process and persuade them to opt for farming careers, such as the “Yuva Krishi Gyan” (Youth Agricultural Knowledge) program in Hindi language and the “Ilanju Vayathu Uzhavaria” program in Tamil language. Through the promotion of successful young farmers along with their progressive practices, DD Kisan has tried to provide hope to young people for taking up farming as a career, ensuring that young farmers feel pride and become owners of their profession. These initiatives have also helped in showcasing modern technologies and sustainable methods, empowering the younger generation to provide effective innovations to the sector of agricultural production. Through multilingual programming, the farmers of the country have complete information about the farming industry through DD Kisan. Special programs in regional languages such as ‘Krishi Gyan’ have covered various topics related to agriculture, and crop management, benefits and tips on soil health, pest control, and tips for using modern techniques in farming, etc. They have involved guests and specialists who have explained practices like sustainable farming, the use of current technologies in farming, and the role of knowledge and traditional indigenous farming techniques. Through the use of regional language, DD Kisan has made it possible for farmers from different parts of the country to receive important information on agriculture.

In this respect, DD Kisan offers extensive programming and information in multiple languages, making the channel a reliable source of information for farmers interested in new trends, techniques, and approaches to farming. It has empowered the farmers benefiting the Indian agriculture by ensuring knowledge sharing and encouraging sustainable farming practices through DD Kisan.

With the introduction of AI anchors AI Krish and AI Bhoomi, DD Kisan has brought in state of art technology for agricultural broadcasting and no farmer will be deprived of information and technology. Propelled by advanced technology and a concern for the needs of the farming population, this effort has the capacity to transform farming information, a crucial driver for enhancing production, better decisions, and the well-being of millions of Indian farmers.


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