Freedom House Index: Tibet ranked world’s least free country


According to the Freedom in the World Index for 2023 published by international watchdog Freedom House, Tibet is the least free nation in the world, according to a report by Tibet Press.

On 9 March, Freedom House, a global watchdog of human liberties, published its study titled “Freedom in the World 2023 Report.” According to the news story, Freedom House listed Tibet, South Sudan, and Syria as the “world’s least-free countries” in its report. After Freedom House surveys in 2021 and 2022 rated Tibet at the bottom of a community of nations, the report was released for the third year in a row. In its study, Freedom House said that Tibet’s residents lacked both Chinese and Tibetan basic rights. However, the Chinese government is stern in crushing any indications of dissent among Tibetans.

While this is going on, the UN Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights underlined in its Third Periodic Review report on March 6 that a number of concerns pertaining to the human rights of the Tibetan people require the international community’s serious and immediate attention.
The rest of the world is intently watching every action the CPC takes to Chineseize Tibet. According to the news article, what counts is the extent to which action is made to stop the assault upon Tibetan culture and identity.

The CCP’s attempts to simirise Tibetans have taken one step ahead with the inauguration of a `Chinese Nation Community Consciousness Building Research Centre’ in the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) to promote “national consciousness,” Tibet Press reported, citing the Tibet Rights Collective (TRC).