Four injured in clash in Satara over ‘objectionable’ post

A disturbing clash between members of two communities in Satara district left four individuals injured, with one in critical condition. The violence, marked by stone-pelting and incidents of arson, was reportedly incited by an “objectionable” social media post, according to the police.
The tumultuous events unfolded in the Pusesawali village, situated in the Khatao tehsil of Satara district. In response to the escalating situation, authorities decided to suspend internet services in the area as a precautionary measure. In a video capturing the turmoil, a group of individuals can be seen sprinting down a bustling street, evidently fleeing from an unseen threat. The video then pans back, revealing open shops and eateries, along with a police jeep patrolling the area.
Authorities, in their cautionary statements, have urged against the spread of rumors or misinformation on social media platforms. Additionally, it was reported that several houses suffered damage during the clashes.
Another video from the scene depicts people hastily traversing a side street while a building appears to be engulfed in flames. Subsequent videos from Monday morning show desolate, charred streets partitioned by police barricades, with security forces maintaining a visible presence. One video exhibits a Sports Utility Vehicle with its rear window shattered, and a two-wheeler that had been set ablaze.
Prompt police intervention has led to the situation being brought under control, authorities assured. Consequently, the region now witnesses a heightened security presence, and several individuals have been apprehended in connection with the incident.

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