For Indian cricket board, a multitude of challenges on the road to IPL 2021


NEW DELHI: The coronavirus pandemic, worldwide, has barely ceased to wreak havoc on every sphere of life. Nevertheless, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in on the way to organize the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), and this time, BCCI has to organize a whole new season in a lesser span time. But this is not the only challenge in front of the world’s richest board.

BCCI needs to brace themselves before the new season of IPL, as this is the matter of the world’s best domestic T-20 league. So here we will shed some light over the challenges which might preove as obstacles for the BCCI ahead of the new season of the IPL.


BCCI already organised the 13th season of the IPL in UAE. But this time, BCCI will look more prominently to host the tournament on the Indian soil only. Many countries are coming up with the vaccines against the COVID-19 virus and India is in the process of doing the same. Nevertheless, attracting people towards the stadia, and to get an allowance from the Indian Government won’t be an easy task for BCCI.


Reports say that BCCI is in a full-fledged mood to add two more teams in the league. The inclusion of more teams on the list means more matches which further indicates that the span of this tourney would be longer than the preceding ones. However, if BCCI goes with the current format— which is the Round Robin Format— the total number of matches will increase to 94 (includes playoff matches) from 60 matches (with the 8 teams). And if BCCI will change the format and switch to a group format, even in that case BCCI needs to organize nearly 75 matches. This means fans will be a witness for a long tournament and it could prove costly considering the hazards that trickle down from the pandemic.


There are numerous rumours from reliable sources that BCCI is planning to add two news teams in the bunch with the other eight teams. But now the problem arises that whatever profit BCCI accumulates from the tourney, it is distributed between all the teams equally. So if BCCI adds two new teams to the league, it will create a loss to the other eight teams.


Indian Premier League likes to do justice with its name by allowing the involvement of seven Indian players and only four foreign players. However, this is likely to change. As per the reports, BCCI and IPL Governing Council are likely to give a nod for the five foreign players in the playing XI of a team.


If BCCI and IPL Governing Council add two more teams into the journey, then BCCI has to organise a larger auction for the new season.