Virat, Anushka’s badminton match surprises followers, bat for “Let There Be Sport” initiative


Indian actor Anushka Sharma and cricket legend Virat Kohli surprised fans in Bengaluru on Monday with a badminton match to emphasise the value of sports in daily life and support India’s on-going revolutionary initiative “Let There Be Sport,” which challenges the widespread belief that sports are a distraction from academics.

Virat commented on the event by saying, “Sports must be an essential component of everyone’s life. I’m happy that PUMA saw the need and stepped up to the plate to emphasise how crucial it is to make it an essential like other essentials. Taking time out of our busy schedules to meet locals and interrupt a meeting at the co-working space to encourage staff to do fitness challenges was a lot of fun.”

The ‘Let There Be Sport’ movement was exactly what was needed. Sports should be given the same priority in both high schools and colleges because participating in sports when you’re young will keep you physically healthy over time. Taking on these athletic challenges and mingling with the people of Bengaluru, where I spent a large portion of my formative years, was amazing. Additionally, I had a great time playing impromptu badminton with Virat and the residents today,” Anushka said.

Recently, Virat participated in the ‘Let There Be Sport’ Conclave alongside legendary player Sunil Chhetri. The two discussed the importance of sports and fitness in the nation while also sharing motivational tales from their own journeys. Along with including its brand ambassadors Virat, MC Mary Kom, Sunil, Avani Lekhara, and Bhagwani Devi alongside daily athletes, the conclave also aired a 90-second digital film.