Flour crisis hits people in Pakistan hard during Ramzan

People in Pakistan have been facing difficulties during Ramzan, with over a dozen of them dying in stampedes in tortuously long queues for cheap wheat flour, The Pakistan Military Monitor reported.
Scores of people have suffered injuries and millions have been coming back to their homes without a fistful of wheat flour, as per the news report. Police beatings of people queued up for wheat is being witnessed in Pakistan, as per the news report. Hundreds and hundreds of families have to break their fast with dry bread and water during Ramzan. Rising inflation has made the wheat flour crisis even more tragic. The price of ordinary snacks like samosa and pakoras are so high that poor people, who ever relied on them for filling up their stomachs after fasting, have to make do with leftovers in shops, as per the news report.
Every day, millions of people queue up outside government shops but they have to return to their homes empty-handed. Subsidised wheat is hard to come by across the government shops as they are sold in black for an exorbitant price or bought in large amounts by rich people, according to The Pakistan Military Monitor report.

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