Five ways to have fun without spending money

Watching Stars

Little things can make you happy. It’s no secret that attending the hottest concert in town, visiting a club, and catching a movie with your friend at the theater can be expensive but with a little creativity, you’ll feel like a tourist in your hometown without spending money on your wallets. Michelle McGagh a freelance personal finance journalist also decided not to spend money for an entire year and about this, she wrote in “The No Spend Year: How You Can Spend Less and Live More.” In the entire year, McGagh saved 22,000 euros. If she can do this why can’t we? Here are five ideas you can consider to have fun without spending money through which you can entertain your mood.

A movie night/Game night

If you don’t feel like going out and spending a lot of money you can host a movie night either with your friends or you can enjoy it alone having a bowl of popcorn in your hand. If in case you are not a movie person then you can also have a game night with your friends and can play your favorite board game. If you want to spend the night alone and want to have your time then you can play games online or instead of games you can watch any series that you always wanted to watch but due to time management, you couldn’t make it.

Look for constellations

Looking up at the sky one will experience the sky has enchanted and mystified humanity for all of our existence and will not cost you anything. Looking at the sky, stars, and moon is one of the best things to do at night. Peacefully at night you can lie down and can experience the beauty above you. People who have a telescope can get involved in looking up at the sky and also identify what stars and planets they’re actually looking at.

Go Camping

Camping may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when looking for fun things to do without spending money but a way to have fun without spending money is camping. With no cost, you can camp on most national forest land which is called dispersed camping but for that, you have to follow some specific rules like developed campgrounds and a certain distance from water sources. If not the in the forest you can also pitch in your garden and have a bonfire night with your friends.

Go bird-watching

Like sky/star watching at the night, you can go bird-watching. It sounds a little weird but it’s a fun thing to do without spending money. If you’re not a bird expert all you need is a bird book and binoculars to get started and see how many birds you can spot in your hometown. In the biggest cities, it is hard to find birds that is a challenge and fun how many species of birds you saw in your city.

Go window shopping

For years we have been window shopping but if you don’t want to shop and spend money on buying new stuff then window shopping is just for you which is one of the best and most fun things to do without spending a single penny. If you are worried that you will buy something then simply leave your wallet at home. You can simply look at well-displayed pieces of stuff around the shop.