Five Unique AirBnbs That You Must Experience 


Vacations are a way of escaping from our daily hustle and bustle. Throughout the journey, the stay and accommodations play an important role. Gone were the days when people used to rely on hotels and guesthouses; now, in the modern era, there are many innovations in the tourism sector. One of them is AirBnb, which offers a unique experience, enthralling adventures, and innumerable moments to cherish for a lifetime. Here are five unique AirBnBs around the world. 

Eco Bamboo Home (Bali) 

Set up between lush greenery and peace, stylised with wooden architecture, and giving off aesthetic vibes, Eco Bamboo Home is a perfect destination for the summer. It will cost around $227 for four people. 

Snow Igloo (Finland) 

Have you ever tried to imagine what it’s like to live in the Ice Age and sleep in an actual snow igloo? If that doesn’t sound too cold, you could try visiting Finland and sleeping on ice for $792 (with 5 friends). 

The Pavillion (France) 

You’re probably picturing a place like Disney Castle with big curtains and domes after reading the name Airbnb. Well, you are right. Staying here will definitely make you feel like you’re living in a kingdom. Of course, this type of experience comes at its own price. A castle suitable for ten guests will cost you and your friends around $2,082. 

True Plane (France) 

For $118, four guests can stay in an actual plane that has been transformed into an Airbnb. For the summer, there is even a swimming pool to take your holiday to the next level! 

Romantic Bubble Tent (Tampaksiring, Bali) From the amazing views to the unique bubble-shaped room and even your own private swimming pool, this place will definitely help you have your dream vacation with your loved one. Make sure to book this cool Airbnb for $232, on your Bali vacations.