Five memorable 90s shows on Indian television


The OG 90s kids know that all of them dreamed of receiving a Sonpari or Sanju’s magic pencil. Back in the day, every show had a set airing time, and kids had to wait to watch it. Those who missed the episode had to wait for a repeat telecast. Here’s a compiled list of the top five memorable shows on Indian television that we absolutely loved. 


Shaktimaan was produced in India and shown on DD National. The superhero Shaktimaan possessed extraordinary abilities, which he gained by meditating and using elements of the earth. Mukesh Khanna had the idea to create an Indian superhero at a time when Spider-Man and Superman were still kids.

Vikram aur Betaal

The majority of the stories in this collection were taken from Indian mythology and told to Vikram by Betaal. Betaal was a ghost, and Vikram was a brave king. Vikram’s goal was to capture the ghost Betaal, who tells stories and asks questions throughout the journey.

Son Pari 

Son Pari, which translates to “golden fairy,” is a fantasy-adventure television sitcom in India. In the show, a young girl named Fruity uses a magical gem to summon Son Pari and her companion, Altu. One of the most intriguing and enjoyable programmes was Son Pari, as it was a magical serial with fairies in it.

Shakalaka Boom Boom

ShakaLaka Boom Boom was a four-season Indian television series in Hindi. The series revolved around the main characters, Sanju, who finds a magical pencil that had the potential to bring anything he draws to life, and Shaan, who is an alien. Sanju and Shaan study in a magic school named Jadoo High and had a lot of exciting adventures together.

Karishma ka Karishma

The protagonist of this series was a realistic robot named Karishma that was developed by Vikram, a scientist. Vikram’s primary goal was to determine whether robot Karishma would eventually resemble humans. One of the best literature series, it was definitely a favourite among young viewers.