Five futuristic devices that sounds fictitious but aren’t


Technology has made great strides toward liberating people from their varied desires and gratifications. It is obvious that technology is the driving force behind the industrial revolution process, which has evolved over time and resulted in a complete transformation from outdated, inefficient machines to modern, efficient ones. Here is the list of five futuristic devices that might sound like fictitious but are real.

  • A robotic suitcase

A robot suitcase is an intelligent AI luggage that can automatically follow you. The smart baggage SR5’s fundamental technology consists of UWB and sensor technologies, which enable auto-follow and intelligent obstacle avoidance. It is capable of moving independently without running into people or things.

  • Floating furniture

Moving all of your furniture to the middle of a room and leaving a foot or two between it and the walls is known as floating furniture. As a result, the furniture becomes anchored simply to the floor space it takes up and has no walls around it. It makes good use of the available square footage, but more importantly, the extra space left behind the furniture gives the impression that it was done on purpose and that there was extra room.

  • Laundry folder

A full load of laundry, including collared shirts, slacks, and medium-sized towels, can be folded in around five minutes. This futuristic device can make your life much easier and also save you from the hassle.

  • Transparent Television

The concept of a see-through television might sound like something from a science fiction film, but it’s not true. Several science fiction-like technologies have become reality over the past ten years. And one of them is a transparent TV. Two layers of glass—emissive and conductible layers—and a few layers of clear plastic are glued together to form OLED displays. Light is produced at the emissive layer by electrical impulses that pass through the conductive layer.

  • Heated socks

The soles of the feet heat up in these battery-operated socks. Heating alone can massage the acupuncture points on the soles of the feet to maintain good health and increase blood circulation.