Gone are those days when we would save the pennies given to us, only to rush to our neighbourhood shop and fill our fists with our favourite toffees. After all, our happiness seemed to be stored in those large boxes. If you grew up in the 1990s, you probably remember having to choose between your favourite toffee and distributing it to your class on your birthday. Some of us would reserve the tastier ones for our best friends. Here are five toffees that made our childhood a little more special.


All the non smokers, raise your hand. We had our moment with the epic ‘Phantom cigarettes’. These mint candy cigarettes were every ‘90s kid’s holy grail. We loved to not only eat these toffees but also pose with them to seem “cool.” Each pack came with 10 sticks, and we were sorted for at least two or three days.


If you grew up in the 1990s, you might recall asking a friend, “Ye melody itni chocolaty kyu hoti hai?” A perfect blend of caramel and chocolate, melody was a personal favourite. One unit of melody costed Rs 1, and it was all we needed to lift our spirits.


Mango is called the “king of fruits” for a reason. Mangoes remind us of summer afternoons and nani ka ghar. Hence, mango bite were a popular choice for most 90s kids. We love mangoes, and we loved them in every shape or form as kids.


Who doesn’t like a cold whiff of mint? Even though Polo wasn’t a popular choice, it had its loyalists. Polo would be a go-to choice, especially during the winter, due to the icy cold feeling that it gave us. The added advantage was, of course, the fact that it helped us get rid of bad breath and made us feel fresh, especially for those 8 a.m. classes in school.


You know what it’s like to be rich if you have a gold coin chocolate. The round chocolates wrapped in gold foil with an imprint of coins made us feel like we were unwrapping luxury. Nothing comes close to that feeling, does it?