Five Calming Hobbies You Can Try If You’re Stressed


In today’s stressful lifestyles, it’s important to have time that you take to do something just for the fun just for your self-care. After working for whole week weekends are best spent for relaxation and leisure but why should one wait for the weekend? Here are some of the cool recommendations for our fellow stressed people who feel loaded with demands from both work and your home throughout the week.

Playing with Puzzles

Taking mental rest or relaxing doesn’t mean your brain needs to stop doing mental work. Mental rest is doing something mentally engaging but not work-related. Most people think working with puzzles increases stress and disturbs your mental peace but no it’s wrong working with puzzles builds your mental strength. There are many puzzle designs or pictures to choose from and whenever you feel stressed you can make it. These are a few types of puzzles one can enjoy like Crosswords, Math Games, Trivia, Riddles, Rubik’s Cube, Jigsaw puzzles, and Sodoku.


Gardening is the perfect outdoor activity to relax as it is said that spending time in nature brings you a sense of peace. Moreover, while gardening you can soak up some sun while tending to your garden. Taking care of a garden and planting more trees each day gives you peace which also creates more beautiful surroundings to come home to each day.

Drawing and Coloring

Drawing is a great way to process emotions and reduce stress it is used to process emotions, distract yourself, and achieve other stress management benefits. The end will be much more beautiful and you will personally feel relaxed and stress-free. When you allow yourself to focus on yourself you forget all your worries and it is said that coloring and drawing can be beneficial to you and can calm anxiety.

Playing an instrument and listening to music

Listening to music and playing an instrument can burst all your stress and have stress relief benefits. Listening to music can probably be considered a hobby, and creating your music can absorb your attention fully. It is said learning to play an instrument such as the piano can be a stress reliever for all those who are stressed out there. Meanwhile, to jam and enjoy the music it is not necessary to be a professional musician. Moreover, singing also helps release happy hormones that improve your mood.

Go out alone

Sometimes staying alone is one of the best ways to feel relaxed. You may find it awkward for the first couple of times but trust me after that you will enjoy your time. You can go own date to the movies, theatre, workshops, concerts, or museums, and later you’ll thank yourself for it.