Fired ESPN reporter Rivera accused of calling colleagues ‘white b—h’, ‘fake Hispanic’ in past 

Marly Rivera

Previous allegations of aggressive interactions with fellow reporters have surfaced against Marly Rivera, who was fired by ESPN on Tuesday for calling a rival a “f-king c-t” over an Aaron Judge interview dispute.

Rivera was fired after an interaction with freelance reporter Ivón Gaete, during which Rivera believed she had an exclusive scheduled with the Yankees slugger and, when her requests for Gaete to honor her time were ignored, uttered, “What a f-king c-t.”

Rivera is accused of having previous fractious exchanges with other journalists. According to two sources, Rivera was irritated that a reporter was attempting to photograph the Hispanic players she was also photographing and called the reporter a “white b—h.”

In a separate incident, Rivera allegedly referred to another Latino reporter as a “fake Hispanic.”

“There were extenuating circumstances, but that is not an excuse,” Rivera told the media outlet about those incidents. “I believe these are mischaracterizations of who I am. Disagreements between media members are part of the nature of our business and happen on a regular basis, yet I am being singled out.”