Female kabaddi players served food inside toilet, U.P. sports officer suspended

Female kabaddi players served food inside toilet, U.P. sports officer suspended

Startling videos and pictures of state-level women’s Kabaddi players receiving meals inside toilet at a sports arena in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, has surfaced on social media. Concerns about the maltreatment of India’s sports heroes have been raised in the wake of the viral clip.
Videos of players collecting their food from a toilet went on the internet in which players were seen with plates and containers having rice inside a toilet, which could have caused germs and unwanted substances to contaminate the food.
The incident took place at the Bhimrao Ambedkar Stadium in Saharanpur. According to sources, up to 300 female players have gathered to take part in the three-day competition, which began on 16 September.
After the videos of food lying in the toilet emerged on the internet, the Regional Sports Officer of Saharanpur, Animesh Saxena, was suspended by the Sports Directorate of Uttar Pradesh.
“The Chief Secretary of Sports Department made aware through a letter that photos of food meant for kabaddi players participating in an event held in Saharanpur being found in a toilet have surfaced on social media, causing immense slander against the department and the government. It seems that regional officials and stakeholders’ defective operations led to this incident and the Chief Secretary instructed for strict action against Regional Sports Officer, Saharanpur, Animesh Saxena,” read the letter.
The letter added that Animesh was asked for a clarification behind this incident, but he could not provide an explanation for it. Hence, he was suspended as per the Uttar Pradesh Government Servant (Discipline and Appeal) Rule, 1999.
The Union Sports Minister Anurag Thakur earlier promised stern action against the implicated personnel and organisers. “I’ve directed strict action against the accused contractor and officers. I have also directed that the contractor be blacklisted for the future.”
Yogeshwar Dutt, an Olympic medal-winning Indian wrestler, shared his opinion on the tragic incident in an interview when the situation came to light. The seasoned wrestler insisted that players should be provided with the best resources, including food and lodging, stating that “respect is the right of every athlete and citizen.”
“This is the responsibility of the tournament organizers, and according to me, they are the ones guilty. Strict action needs to be taken against them so that it won’t happen again, ever. This is a very unfortunate incident, especially seeing girls eating in a toilet. In India, there is a problem: despite such incidents keeping repeating, no strict action is ever taken by the concerned authorities,” Dutt said.