Fashion that speaks: Ethical evolution in the world of style


In a realm where fashion’s allure often overshadows ethical considerations, a noteworthy label has emerged as a beacon of change. This homegrown brand redefines the harmony between style and sustainability, challenging the conventional norms of the fashion industry. The journey of this movement is a testament to how glamour can embody responsibility.

A Journey Rooted in Passion and Responsibility
Since its inception on in 2022 at Noida, India, B77 has been redefining fashion’s relationship with the environment. Rachna Sarup and Nupur Mathur, the visionaries behind B77, bring with them years of experience in the fashion industry. Their understanding of the environmental challenges posed by the careless attitude of the fashion world ignited the passion to create a label that marries fashion with responsibility. Their dedication to a planet-friendly approach was the catalyst behind creating a brand that marries fashion and responsibility. Guided by this fervor, they were joined by Bibhuti Bhattacharya, a NIFT Graduate specializing in Fashion Design, infusing their dreams with intricate designs.
Collections That Share Narratives: Kosha and Beyond
This brand’s philosophy resonates in its collections. The Kosha collection is an embodiment of wellness, harmonizing body, mind, and soul. Crafted sustainably, it incorporates organic fabrics, dyes, and even healing crystals. It’s an experience that transcends mere fashion, nurturing the soul.
Their latest offerings draw inspiration from diverse themes – Blue Pottery and Ikebana. The former captures the delicacy of hand-painted designs through intricate patterns and embroideries. The latter, influenced by the Japanese art of flower arrangement, blossoms with floral prints exuding elegance. These collections cater to modern women valuing functional beauty, a testament to the brand’s commitment to style with substance.

Behind the Scenes: A Glimpse into the making
In an insightful dialogue with Creative Director, Bibhuti Bhattacharya and Co-Founder & CEO, Rachna Sarup, we unveil the ethos of this journey.
Q: What inspired the unique motifs in the collections?
A. Bibhuti Bhattacharya: Our designs narrate stories. The Blue Pottery collection features timeless floral motifs with outline embroidery, reminiscent of traditional pottery. The Ikebana collection captures floral elegance through watercolor strokes. Designs come alive with grace.
Rachna Sarup: The Ikebana collection uniquely integrates graceful bird designs, symbolizing freedom and natural beauty.
Q: Could you share insights into the color palettes?
A. Bibhuti Bhattacharya: Blues in the Blue Pottery collection echo traditional pottery hues. Ikebana showcases a vibrant spectrum from black to lime, each incorporated thoughtfully, celebrating artistry.
Rachna Sarup: The colors we choose have a purpose; they enhance the stories our collections tell.

A Peek into the Future: Marrakech-inspired Collection
While sharing the present, B77 hints at its forthcoming collection. Inspired by Marrakech’s beauty, it blends fabric textures, prints, and embroideries, weaving cultural heritage into a captivating sartorial tale.

A Glimpse into theFuture: Marrakech-inspired Collection
While unveiling the stories behind their current collections, the B77 team also offered a sneak peek into their upcoming collection. Inspired by the captivating beauty of Marrakech, this collection promises to be a blend of fabric textures, prints, and embroideries that embody the cultural heritage, architectural wonders, and vibrant bazaars of the city.

A Sustainable Approach: Affordable Glamour
B77’s ethos extends to its price range, with pieces in the latest collection ranging from INR 2277 to INR 5777. The brand’s commitment to accessibility and sustainability is reflected in every aspect of its offerings. The B77 experience can be explored on their website,

A Stylish Revolution: A Responsible Future
B77 is not just a fashion label; it’s a revolution in the making. By intertwining style and sustainability, B77 is challenging the norms of the fashion industry, one beautifully crafted garment at a time. With collections that tell stories and design that speaks volumes, B77 proves that fashion can be a powerful force for good. As B77’s journey continues, the future of fashion looks brighter, more conscious, and undeniably stylish.