Farmers needs the proper price of their produce


From many decades the farmers are facing the crises created by the market forces.The farmers needs the proper price of their produces.The farmers have reached in worst condition due to high cost of production and the chemical science model have ruined the soil character. Therefore productivity is not increasing. In the name of technology our policy makers and scientists have imposed the corporate agriculture model to create the market for the input products of the corporates to benefit the industry only. This old model has failed now and in the present conditions it’s not suitable for the farmers and needs amendments.
India needs Farmers Centric Agriculture Model depend on Natural Resources Management to reduce the cost of production and to increase the productivity for the survival of the farmers and for sustainable agriculture to give the healthy food security to the nation.
The sustainable agriculture model means, i e. It should be
Soil health friendly,
Human health friendly,
Environment friendly,
Ecologically friendly,
Animal health friendly and it should not pollute the ground water.
It’s very unfortunate that in the name of technologies our research institutions and Agriculture universities have gone on wrong track. They are working and teaching only to create the market for the Seeds and inputs of the corporates. In the name of technology under the Patent Regime, we should be very careful about the Seed Security and it should not surrender to the Gene Giants because Seed is the basic need of the Food Security.
The country has become the food secure Nation by the hard work done by the Indian Farmers.Today Farmers are in big crises due to policies adopted by the governments from many decades.
Now farmers have faith in PM Sh. Modi Jee and they are hoping that Modi Jee will change their lives and they will get the proper price of their produces. The survival of the farming community is in a big problem because they are not getting the proper prices of their produces from many decades. The developed nations are giving huge subsidies to their farmers therefore global prices of the agricultural commodities are being suppressed artificially.
The agriculture should be inducted in the Concurrent list of the Union government. Now the Minimum Support Price system needs immediate amendment. It should be Reserve Price in the country.
The auction of all crops should start from RESERVE PRICE in all APMC Mandis & markets in all the states. Because when farmers produce comes in the market, the market forces intentionally reduced the crop prices and farmers became helpless.
After reaching in the godowns of the corporates the prices of same crops increased heavily. They looted the farmers and cheats the consumers.Therefore the government should change the present policies to balance the market forces.

Dr. Krishan Bir Chaudhary, President , Bharatiya Krishak Sama