Manish Tiwari reacted to Bhagwant Mann’s allegation that the Congress Party, is like the exchange, wherein they have MPs, MLAs, and any party that bids for them is ready to exchange them at the India News Manch on Thursday.

Tiwari stated that AAP called a party meeting a few days back where the BJP started Operation Lotus on their party members, where every individual will be offered Rs 25 crore each. Reacting to this, one of them said that all of the members would be ready to switch allegiance for Rs 25 crore.

“Punjab is a critical state that needs good governance. If anything wrong happens with Punjab, entire India gets affected. Punjab is not in a good state since AAP’s regime in last 6 months,” he stated.

On the other hand, Ram Madhav was optimistic about India’s G20 presidency. Speaking on the rotation procedure for G20 members, should there be too much of credit given to PM Narendra Modi, he said, “While the world was going through challenging times this year, especially the Russia-Ukraine crisis that lead to oil crisis and high inflation. So, in this aspect, it’s a big achievement for the ruling party to thrust India’s ideas and take on global headwinds when the world will sit back and listen to India.”

Meanwhile, Tiwari focused more on G20s formation and reason behind its formation rather than crediting BJP. However, he agreed with Madhav on the global circumstances under which India’s presidency happened. Madhav also spoke on Sino-Indian ties in parallel to India’s G20 role. The G20 is something that is different from bilateral issues and should be significant in its own manner. Rather, he was more concerned about the upcoming 2023 global recession as per the projection. All the larger economies should focus on better ties among themselves apart from letting the economy grow. Likewise, the geo-political world order is changing and that India should cash in with its role as G20 President with Russia-Ukraine crisis almost stretching a year and the downturn in China’s economy and the instability that has been caused owing to the latest spread of Omicron variant.

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