Experts in India say there is no connection between heart disease and COVID booster shots

Health professionals have stated that there is no proven connection between heart problems and the precaution dosages of the COVID shots, clearing up any confusion over the effects of a booster dose of the vaccines. The scientists spoke out in support of the immunizations as queries about the consequences of booster dose on the human heart swamped social media.

There have been a few cases of heart-related problems in patients following vaccination, according to Dr. Vivek Chaturvedi, Professor & HOD, Cardiology, Amrita Hospital, Faridabad, but there isn’t concrete proof to support this.

“Given that heart attacks do occur, this is a really difficult question. Not simply attacks, fluid surrounding the heart, and occasionally cardiac arrhythmias following vaccination. However, given that these events also occurred in the past, it is quite challenging to confirm this “he added.

However, according to Dr. Vivek, COVID can affect the heart and those who contract it may experience a flare-up of a heart condition.

“Covid can affect the heart in many ways. The most common problem which has been found is that the people who have already had heart disease, their heart disease can get flared and aggravated, and they can have heart attacks, heart failure, and also arrhythmia. Secondly, people who have not previously had heart disease but have diabetes, and blood pressure can have a heart attack, and many such cases have come which are precipitated by COVID.”

The expert advised the people undergoing recovery not to engage in moderate to strenuous exercises or gym initially for nearly six weeks.
“Go slow, and do not resume moderate to strenuous exercises or gym initially for 4 to 6 weeks post-COVID diagnosis. Patients returning to high-level sports or physically demanding occupations following confirmed heart involvement require a 3-6 months or longer period of complete rest. If you continue to experience symptoms after a few weeks, consult your doctor to rule out long covid syndrome,” he said.

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