Experience Poetry In Motion With Madhuri Bhaduri

It’s rare when people turn their passion into a profession, which becomes an inspiration for the next generation. Madhuri Bhaduri – A painter, sculptor, and entrepreneur has done exactly that. What started as a creative flirtation with the canvas has turned into an illustrious career, which encompasses abstraction and landscape oil paintings with the seamless craft of creating sculptures and assemblages.

 Before she even picked up the brush, she had a badminton racket in her hand, which even made her a national-Ievel player. Now isn’t that a stroke of genius?

 With formal art training, she also has the gift of gab having studied French, one of the most artistic languages to be spoken today. And what if we told you that she holds an Honour in Economics? Yes, there is nothing that Madhuri can’t do. For nearly 4 decades, she has added myriad shades to her personality and career, which reflects her undying fervour, skilful aptitude and one-of-a-kind attitude.

 Just one glance at her artworks will make you feel teleported to a surreal world of countless colours, palettes, and aesthetics. Like a poem is narrated in verses, Madhuri expresses her visual poetry through intricate designs, delicate strokes, and versatile sculptures with finesse. Madhuri shapes her imagination into virtuoso execution. Inspired by the five elements of nature, her work is a tribute to the infinite facets of the envirorment. She has a penchant for an earthy colour palette, which encompasses blues, greys, reds, yellows, greens, and mauves. Her work oozes oomph, optimism, and opalescence. Her latest work Indefini Poeme is an abstract yet eclectic piece of work that has structured artworks but teases them with unstructured hidden meanings.

 Madhuri Bhaduri is an artist by choice and a philanthropist by heart. She is on a mission to spread social awareness by showcasing her art. Her work is an amalgamation of Indian traditions fused with western perspectives, capturing the essence of two worlds. Her achievements include being a regular speaker at interactive workshops, radio talk shows, and panel discussions on various art[1]related topics. Ms Bhaduri is also a frequent contributor to shows on television networks as well as auctions held to raise funds for charities such as CRY and Concern India.

Her work was showcased on 13 December 2022 at 6:30 PM at Easel Stories Art Gallery. As part of the project, Easel Stories has collaborated with an NGO for children, KHUSHII, an initiative set up by cricketing icon, Kapil Dev in 2003, to help children transform their lives through education. On 16th December, the gallery hosted an Artist Meet and Greet evening. Proceeds from the event will be handed over to the foundation. And finally, to give a fitting conclusion, on 17th December, an exclusive Wine and Cheese Event was organized to network and invite potential collectors and art enthusiasts to interact with Madhuri Bhaduri. Madhuri is displaying her work at the prestigious Easel Stories, which is more than just an art gallery. It is an expression of art through infinite stories from around the world told through culinary experiences, breathtaking mural paintings, euphoric graffiti designs, and à la mode fashion.

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