Exotic and Handcrafted Desserts by Laddooh – Savor Sumptuous Treats This Rakhi

Rakhi is right around the corner. The joyous affair marks the bond and love between a brother and sister. Celebrated for ages, Raksha Bandhan holds a very special significance in most parts of the country. Are you thrilled to prop up for the day? Of course, festivals in India are a miss without a lavish […]

Rakhi is right around the corner. The joyous affair marks the bond and love between a brother and sister. Celebrated for ages, Raksha Bandhan holds a very special significance in most parts of the country. Are you thrilled to prop up for the day? Of course, festivals in India are a miss without a lavish spread of desserts. Wouldn’t you agree? Laddoo, Soanpapdi, Gulab Jamun, Peda, Kaju Katli… the list goes on. 

Traditional Indian sweets are quintessential to keep the festive spirits on a roll. This year, indulge in the pompous celebrations of Rakhi with sweets that are not just melt-in-the-mouth but unique and gourmet. Did you ever picture biting into a mithai that feels luxurious, looks upscale, and is crammed with flavors? Try Laddooh, a brand that specializes in rustling up the most flavorsome and exotic desserts of classic Indian heritage. 

Handcrafted with finesse, innovative, and a breathtaking fusion of the country’s heritage and delicious International flavors, gourmet-style mithai has certainly taken over the dessert industry. One of the top names among the leading luxury mithai makers in business is chef and entrepreneur Sugandha Saxena. Her brand ‘Laddooh’ has racked up fame and popularity in a very short span of time. The rich flavors and exquisite recipes of desserts curated by chef Sugandha have been appreciated and endorsed by eminent Bollywood celebrities and royalty like Raja Manvendra Singh Gohil.

Any clue what makes ‘Laddooh’ unlike the ordinary and class-apart? 

Heritage and culture have always been a driving force behind the popularity of traditional Indian sweets. Flavors are, of course, a pivotal aspect too. Desserts served by Laddooh taste of nostalgia and sweet childhood memories. Chef Sugandha creates recipes that are inspired by the classics and have been fine-tuned to perfection. The exuberant laddoos or desserts served by the brand are created using hand-pickedand all-organic ingredients. What’s more? The sweets are bespoke and customized as per one’s dietary preference. Natural sugar alternatives like cane sugar, coconut sugar, and gluten-free ingredients are incorporated into the mix to create sinful desserts. The chef also loves to keep preservatives and artificial flavors at bay. 

Sweet-meals whipped up by ace chef Sugandha are not just a powerhouse of organic and nutrient-rich ingredients. Her desserts look luscious and rich too. Fancy ingredients like pure silver leaf and 24K gold dust add to the texture and the exuberant experience of biting into flavor-rich and gourmet desserts.

Regardless of creating a lineup of innovative and fusion desserts, it is impressive to learn that ‘Laddooh’ only serves desserts that are well-suited for the Indian palate. Desserts by Chef Sugandha are exquisitely handcrafted according to the flavors that appeal the most to all.

A little about ace Chef Sugandha Saxena: 

Sugandha Saxena, now known for her brands ‘Laddooh’ and ‘Okhli,’ is a seasoned chef and a flourishing entrepreneur. She is well-experienced in global food trends and has spent years mastering recipes that are close to her heart. Working her way up as an outstanding chef was never a twist of fate. Her zeal toward food, ingredients, and flavors kicked off right from her childhood. Sugandha started her career in hospitality and management and acquired a coveted degree in International hospitality from EHL Hospitality Business & Hotel Management School, Switzerland. 

As an Ivy-league post-graduate, her aspiration to start her own venture in food was strong and unbeatable. She was focused to popularize the delicious Kayastha cuisine on a global scale. Hence, her brand ‘Okhli.’ After a winning success of Okhli, Sugandha embarked on a new venture with yet more vigor, passion, and experience. This time, she made endeavors to revolutionize the heritage Indian dessert experience. 

‘Laddooh’ soon came into being! The brand offers an array of delectable desserts including the time-kissed classics like melt-in-the-mouth Besan laddoos, Nolan Gur laddoos (jaggery-based), Pista cashew laddoos, and innovative desserts inspired by the favorites predominant in West-world confectionaries. Appetizing and mind-blowing flavors like Red Velvet andMixed Berries are served here. 

Wondering if there’s more? Of course! Laddooh offers an incredible variant of desserts. The list includes: 

Petha Laddoo – familiar and classic flavors that always charm the heart

Gulab Pankhuri Laddoo – swanky, pretty, aromatic, and a delicious recipe

Haldi Nimbu Laddoo – the immunity-boosting concoction

Gajar Halwa Laddoo – the irresistible flavors of gajar halwa in bite-size laddoos

Gulkand Kheer – a rosy and sweet twist to a classic kheer. The flavors and aroma will leave you salivating

Lavender Blueberry Tapioca Kheer – Sounds fancy, right? Indulge in a gluten-free and sugar-free kheer with fun bursts of tapioca

Sona Chandi Halwa – The time-honored halwa you have always enjoyed but way better. Slow-cooked in milk and saffron, the dessert is undeniably a treat to the tastebuds. 

Still thinking? 

Go hearty and all out this Raksha Bandhan. Double your merriments and celebrations with handcrafted sweets that tantalize your tastebuds, please your eyes, and bespeaks luxury in spades. Did you know that besan laddoos are quite a hot-sellar at Laddooh? Order the luscious and flavorful besan laddoos on the auspicious day of Rakhi and create everlasting memories. 

Wish to try a few variants from a spectacular menu of lavish and innovative desserts? Laddooh has special gift boxes up for grabs. You can choose from a box of six decadent and unique laddoos or go for a bigger size serving sixteen. Display the laddoos as a kingly spread or hand out the pretty gift boxes to your brothers. 

It is your time to shine and be a favorite sister. Let ‘Laddooh’ help you win hearts and a world of praises. While Rakhi is a delightful celebration, the gifts should be no less extravagant, right? Get your hands on exquisite, swish, and mouthwatering laddoos today!

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