Everton rueful after player hosts party amid corona

English Premier League club Everton issued a statement after a local media report surfaced online alleging that Moise Kean was hosting a party, at his lavish apartment, amidst the coronavirus lockdown, the time when social distancing is pivotal. “Everton are appalled to learn of an incident in which a firstteam player ignored government guidance and club policy in relation to the coronavirus crisis,” read the club statement. Everton did not mention their striker’s name in the statement expressing their resentment and regret as Britian is one of the worst hit countries by the pandemic.

So far there are 150,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases and the death toll has already surpassed 20,000 as per reports. “The club has strongly expressed its disappointment to the player and made it clear that such actions are completely unacceptable,” the statement further read. “Clearly, Moise and his friends didn’t think the rules applied to them” said a close friend of Moise, “The party was wild and went on until the early hours. Premier League stars are getting paid huge salaries and not working. That must be infuriating enough for people who are losing jobs or taking pay cuts.

Do they think they are above the rules?” he added The Premier League has been suspended since last month, and meanwhile, Arsenal became the first Premier League team to set a date for resumption of players training in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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