PM Modi to attend 8 events across seven cities in 36 hours

Beginning on 24 April, Prime Minister Modi will travel more than 5,000 miles throughout several regions of the nation in just 36 hours. During this time, he will attend eight events and visit seven cities.

On 24 April, the Prime Minister will travel to Madhya Pradesh in central India after departing from the city. According to officials, he will subsequently travel to Kerala in the South, spend some time in the Union Territory in the West, and finally return to Delhi. Detailing the itinerary of the Prime Minister’s long tour, the officials said, “PM will start the journey in the morning of 24 April. He will travel from Delhi to Khajuraho, covering a distance of around 500 kilometres. From Khajuraho, he will travel to Rewa where he will participate in the National Panchayati Raj Day programme. After this, he will come back to Khajuraho, covering a distance of around 280 km in the to-and-fro journey. From Khajuraho, he will travel to Kochi, covering an aerial distance of about 1700 kilometres, to participate in the Yuvam Conclave.”

“Next morning, the PM will travel from Kochi to Thiruvananthapuram, covering a distance of about 190 Km. Here, he will flag off Vande Bharat Express and also dedicate and lay the foundation stone of various projects. From here, he will travel to Silvassa via Surat, covering about 1570 kilometres. There, he will visit NAMO medical college and will dedicate and lay the foundation stone of various projects,” they added. Further, PM Modi will then travel to Daman for the inauguration of Devka seafront, post which he will go to Surat, covering about 110 kilometres.

“From Surat, he will travel back to Delhi, adding another 940 km to his travel schedule,” they said. The power-packed schedule will see the Prime Minister travelling a staggering aerial distance of around 5,300 kilometres. “To put this figure in perspective, one can look at the length of India from North to South, which is about 3200 kilometres. Adding to the distance is the time factor – all this travel is jam-packed in only 36 hours,” the officials said.

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