Engineer slits woman’s throat with surgical knife in Andhra Pradesh

Police stated on Tuesday that a 26-year-old software engineer is accused of killing a 20-year-old dental student by slitting her neck with a surgical knife at Takkellapadu in Krishna, Andhra Pradesh, because she refused to wed him months after the two broke up.

Around ten days ago, Tapaswi was forced to leave her home and move in with a classmate in Takkellapadu because Gyaneshwar, the accused, was allegedly harassing her.

Tapaswi was a third-year Bachelor of Dental Sciences student at Vijayawada Siddhartha Medical College and a resident of Krishnapuram village in Krishna.

“Gyaneshwar, a software engineer from Vijayawada, was arrested and a case of murder under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code was registered against him,” said Bandaru Suresh Babu, a local police officer.

Police said Tapaswi’s parents stay in Mumbai and she was staying at her college hostel in Vijayawada. She got to know Gyaneshwar via Instagram two years ago and was in a relationship with him, they added.

“…four months ago, Tapaswi developed differences with Gyaneshwar over some issues and broke up… Since then, he was allegedly harassing her to marry him. Unable to bear his pressure, Tapaswi moved to stay with her classmate at Takkellapadu about 10 days ago,” an investigator said.

Gyaneshwar and Tapaswi got into a furious dispute on Monday night. Tapaswi’s classmate allegedly pulled a surgical knife from his pocket and attacked the 20-year-old while the latter was attempting to calm Tapaswi down. The classmate hurried to ask her neighbours for assistance.

By the time she and a few others arrived back, Tapaswi’s neck had already been cut by Gyaneshwar, who had also pulled her into a nearby room and bolted it from within.

The investigator said that the neighbours broke the door immediately and caught him, even as he tried to slash his own wrist.

Tapaswi was rushed to a hospital in Guntur, where she was declared dead.

“We have shifted Tapaswi’s body to the Guntur government hospital for post-mortem. Further investigation is on,” said Babu.

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