Employees salute out after Musk’s ‘extremely hardcore’ ultimatum

Twitter employees are exiting the company in numbers after they reportedly received an ultimatum from Elon Musk to either commit to working in an “extremely hardcore” fashion at the company or leave the job.
Another employee exodus appears to be underway at Twitter as many employees rejected Elon Musk’s terms for staying with the company, choosing instead to leave. Some Twitter employees appeared to publicly declare they had decided to leave the company as the time for responding to Elon Musk’s ultimatum approched.
Twitter employees started using the salute emoji, which has come to represent someone leaving the organisation. One worker at Twitter claimed in a tweet that choosing to work there was “one of the easiest decisions ever made. Deciding to leave today was 100% the opposite.”
Employees told that after the deadline of 5 p.m. Eastern Time, an internal Slack channel at the company was flooded with staff members posting the salute emoji to indicate they had decided not to sign Musk’s commitment and leave the organisation.
According to an email, Musk wrote to colleagues on Wednesday, Twitter’s surviving employees had until 5 p.m. ET on Thursday to decide if they wanted to be a part of the culture Musk intends to implement at the social media business or else effectively resign.
A recent departing former executive from Twitter called the employee departures on Thursday a “mass exodus.”

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