CHANDIGARH: A demand of bringing Old Pension Scheme (OPS) continues to surface in Haryana as well as across the country after the neighboring state Rajasthan announced to implement it with immediate effect. In wake of this, employees’ association are demanding to implement the scheme in the state on the lines of Rajasthan. In view of this, the issue is most likely to be discusses in forthcoming budget session slated on March 2. Besides, the leaders of opposition parties in the state are of the opinion that the Haryana government should also come forward to implement the scheme without delay so that the future and the safety of senior citizens can be insured after they retire.

Another issue that is grappling the attention is that if one-time MP or MLA is eligible for pension then, why a government employee can not be considered for the same after his or her superannuation? Prabhjot Singh, IAS and Managing Director of National Health Mission tweeted saying that the government of our country must bring all MP’s and MLA’s in New Pension School (NPS) introduced in 2006 or convert all employees to old scheme. Further, he said that an employee serves for 30-35 years and is given and covered NPS While an MP and an MLA is eligible even after serving oath for proper pension. Moreover, there should be bar on MP’s and MLA’s drawing both pensions simultaneously, he said. He also wrote that there are ex-legislators drawing 2 lakh per month pension despite they’re elected way back.

“They might have set business and settled down. Fiscal deficit should be for all , not for employees only,” he said. Thus, his opinion on OPS is in the center of discussions in the state these days. 

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