Elevate your coastal dining experience


With the urge to taste coastal recipe I recently visited a seafood restaurant in Delhi named Sana-di-ge. In their quest to elevate the coastal dining experience, they have diversified the menu by including the cuisine from the coast of Andhra Pradesh. After having a look at the menu card I decided to start my gourmet meal with ‘Mamsa Menasinakalu Saaru’. 

The ingredients of this delicacy consists of reduced lamb stock with pungent pepper and spices. It was the perfect starter for non vegetarian foodie. Then I was offered Kaju Sanadige. The menu is prepared from fried whole cashew nuts and coconut tossed with crushed pepper and salt and is a Sana-di-ge speciality. Another starter Mushroom Pepper Fry which I savoured consists of fresh mushroom cooked to perfection with pepper and mangalorean spices. I decided to taste many other dishes from the menu card in small quantities. Chicken ghee roast which I was offered consisted of tender pieces of chicken pan tossed with authentic spices and clarified butter. This is a traditional dish from the Shetty household. 

Then I had Mutton Sukka. It is prepared from tender pieces of lamb cooked with authentic Mangalorean spices finished with greeted coconut and curry leaves. Anjal Tawa fry is a delicious fish delicacy prepared from fresh kingfish marinated with south Indian dry spices bedgi chilli, jeera seeds, coriander seeds, black pepper ginger, garlic, tamarind, salt all ground masala finished with coconut oil and shallow fried in hot griddle. Prawn Butter Pepper Garlic also another sea food dish is prepared from golden fried prawns tossed in butter pepper garlic sauce. Mangalorean Mutton Curry is Sana-di-ge in house speciality also known as traditional Mangalorean lamb curry. Kerala Appam is a delight for vegetarians prepared from Kerala bread. The dish is a bowl shaped thin pancake prepared with fermented rice batter. 

Then I came to the main course and I was offered Nei Choru. The delicacy is a Kaima rice cooked with flavorful spices and clarified butter. After having so much I was satiated. Before leaving the chef offered me a complimentary dessert  Elaneer payasam which is a soulful combination of coconut cream and pulp of fresh tender coconut. It was the best way to end my gourmet meal. The conclusion which I could draw after the visit is that if I had to feel a coastal cuisine like experience in Delhi then Sanadi-ge could be one of the best option to select from.