Eight killed, 18 injured in bomb blast outside prison in Myanmar

Eight people were killed and 18 were injured when at least two explosives burst outside a prison in Yangon, the commercial centre of Myanmar, the junta reported.

The junta’s information team said in a statement that the explosions struck a throng waiting up to deliver packages for prisoners at Insein Prison on Wednesday morning, although it did not indicate how many explosions had taken place.

The junta said “terrorists” were responsible.

Local media, citing prison officials, said at least three prison staff were among the dead.

Pictures appearing in the local media that were allegedly taken in the aftermath showed what seemed to be bloodstains on the floor around a counter and broken windows in the background.

Security officers reportedly sealed down the area around the large colonial-era prison, which rights groups claim is home to hundreds of inmates who were detained by the junta as part of its campaign against dissent.

Since the military overthrew the government in a coup last year, the nation of Southeast Asia has been in upheaval.

To oppose the junta, self-declared civilian “people’s defence forces” have appeared all around the nation.

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