Egg prices in Japan spike amid spread of severe bird flu

Egg prices in Japan have been increasing due to the ongoing avian flu. A record 16 million birds were marked to be killed, and its impact could be seen in restaurants and households as well. The prices of poultry-related foods have spiked, Kyodo News reported.

It is expected that with more than 90 percent of egg-laying hens being killed in this context, the agriculture ministry has limited the supply of eggs so that the prices will go up automatically.

The bird flu in Japan has spread at an alarming rate since October, with 80 cases reported in poultries, Kyodo News said.  The wholesale price of medium sizes eggs as of March 2 was 335 yen ($2.4) in Tokyo, which is considered highest since 1993, when data unveiled

As per Kyodo News, a shortage of eggs is rising, and several restaurants have decided to stop serving egg-based dishes in Japan. It is likely that the people will face the same situation in the coming six months, and then things may return to normal regarding the supply of eggs at their previous levels.

The work of poultry farming has been underway in Japan, and it is expected that production will start in the early spring. However, it is not possible for the poultry forms to start their operation at their full capacity, as per Kyodo News.

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