ED, CBI got nothing, yet we are hounded: Manish Sisodia

Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia on Thursday defended AAP
government’s controversial liquor policy by saying that it was one of the best policy
document. He also says that the Government agencies like ED and CBI failed to find
anything against them. However, he added that he is expecting more charge sheets
against the AAP leaders.

  Sisodia while addressing the ‘India News Manch’ conclave says, “The Policy was
benefiting the government but the Bharatiya Janata Party termed it as a scam, even
agencies like ED and CBI investigated but did not find anything against us. Now, I
came to know more charge sheets will be filed. A good policy was made in Delhi; no
one was harmed by it. BJP has definitely suffered a loss.”

On dispute with LG, he says, “On whichever subject we have fought, it has benefitted
the public. We fought for CCTV; it was also for Delhi’s people. Women now
confidently complaints against the eve-teasers with the help of the CCTV footage. It
has become easier for people to register complaints as they have a solid proof.
Earlier, there was nobody to fight for Delhi’s people, but today, Arvind Kejriwal and
the Aam Aadmi Party stand with the public and fights for it. Whenever we fight, it’s
for the people.”

Recent elections
The ‘successes’ in recent elections in Gujarat and Municipal Corporation of Delhi
also figured prominently during the discussion. Sisodia said on Gujarat elections
when a party contests for the first time and it gets 41 lakh votes, then it is a big
achievement. BJP got 1.5 crore votes.

When asked about the landslide victory in the MCD elections, Manish Sisodia says,
“Our workers are aware of our party’s vision for the nation and, our party fulfills its
promises. This is our mantra for the MCD victory.”

He further talks about Delhi’s garbage issue and says, “We step out in Delhi with a
good mood but the garbage piles spoil the mood. Our 134 councillors are working in
their areas to get rid of the garbage. Our party will solve the garbage issue in next
five years.”
Sisodia talks about his plans on participating in national politics, on which
he says, “I never thought of joining politics. I think whatever task one does, one
should do it with passion.”

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