Economic crisis results closure of numerous petrol pumps in Pakistan  

The economic crisis in Pakistan has been deepening. Gradually, its effect can be seen in many sectors. Therefore, several petrol pumps were shut in major and small cities in Punjab province, Dawn reported.

The situation is looking gloomy in numerous big cities such as Lahore, Gujranwala, and Faisalabad, where many petrol pumps looked deserted because of a lack of fuel supply for many days as a result of pressure from the oil marketing companies (OMCs).

In Lahore, approximately 78 of the total 450 fuel pumps went dry. The situation in some areas of the city, including Shahdra, Wagah, and Litton Road, has deteriorated due to a lack of fuel, according to Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association secretary Khawaja Atif.

As per the local media report, the supply of petrol is limited in some of the cities of Pakistan. Most of the gas stations are shut, and those that are operating offer a little quantity of gasoline. A long queue of cars and bikes could be seen in front of those gas stations.  

Around 70 percent of the petrol pumps went dry in Gujranwala because of short supplies from the OMCs. The same situation has been experienced in Okara, Sahiwal, and other places, according to Dawn.

In fact, the oil companies of Pakistan are likely to collapse amid the crunch in the economy and the devaluation of the currency. Pakistan is currently experiencing its worst economic situation since the country’s origin in 1947, as per Geo-politik

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