Earthquake jolts Delhi-NCR, netizens run to twitter to confirm 

Strong tremors were felt in parts of Delhi and National Capital area Tuesday. The quake lasted for at least 15 seconds, with people seen rushing out of their homes and offices. According to the National Centre of Seismology, the epicentre of the earthquake was centred in Nepal. Soon after the earthquake, netizens flooded twitter with funny memes. 

One of the netizen tweeted, “Why is there earthquake in Delhi NCR every 4-5 days…” along with the picture of frustrated Mona Lisa painting. 

Another netizen associated it with the upcoming movie of SRK and tweeted, “SRK said it right that “kursi ki peti baandh lo. A massive #earthquake is felt in Delhi NCR just a day before the release of Pathaan”. 

“When earthquake hits during office time, people got time to smoke and take a sip of tea”, another netizen tweeted it along with a video of employees of an office rushing outside a building due to earthquake.

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